Certification Information

According to certification regulations and Connecticut General Statutes, no person shall be eligible to serve for a board of education in the position of superintendent, administrator, teacher, special service staff member or other position for which certificates or permits are issued, unless such person holds a valid Connecticut certificate or permit appropriate for the position.

Teachers must hold the specific endorsement for the subject and grade level taught. Administrators must hold the appropriate endorsement when the position requires summative evaluations or the position includes district-wide responsibilities.

Coaches must hold the required coaches permit. Teaching certificates do not authorize individuals to serve as coaches.

Substitutes may be required to hold an authorization depending upon the substitute assignment and the individual's credentials.

See the SDE website for further information at http://www.state.ct.us/sde

For questions, email the certification office at: [email protected] 

Non-Discrimination Statement
Please reference policy 4118.11 4218.11 Non-Discrimination Personnel-Certified/Non-Certified